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Olimpiyskiy / hotel & office tower
This 77,000m² building is located in close vicinity of the olympic complex in the center of the city of Moscow, where Olympic games of 1980 were held. The tower consists of five underground levels and 36 above-ground levels, where office spaces and hotel areas have been designed. The luxurious hotel part will be operated by world-famous Radisson SAS.

BEXEL's Activities

BEXEL's involvment in the project started in it's early design stages, in which we were hired to:

1. Analyze and manage all design documents

2. Develop a full 3D BIM model based on architectural, structural and MEP designs.

3. Keep the model up-to-date and run regular constructability analyses in order to detect & resolve conflicts among architectural and MEP elements

4. Create accurate quantity takeoffs of all design disciplines.

5. Collect, analyze and process all construction progress data - while generating day by day progress audits, executive reports and predictions.

6. Generate construction reports using Building Explorer software platform - harnessing construction progress information and developing actual construction schedule, running virtual construction simulations and compare various construction scenarios.

7. Perform financial analytics - tracking project incomes and expenditures, and perform cash flow analysis, as well as compare all direct and indirect building site expenditures.

8. Give feedback and perform final analyses