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MATREX / High technology business center
Multifunctional MATREX building is the second building built within the Skolkovo Innovation centre whose main purpose is to attract young, innovative companies through a business incubator model. This project provides a basis for development of informational and energy efficient technologies, with a special accent on transparency of space and work. Main feature of the building is the 48m tall atrium space with a spiral ramp which can, if need be, quickly transformed into a conference hall, theatre scene, or an exhibition area.

This project was financed by the government of the Russian Federation. Author of the project is Bernaskoni architects.

BEXEL's Activities

BEXEL works directly for our client, PSP Farman, who is in charge of the entire design and construction. Here's a list of services on the project:

1. Management, coordination and updating of all design documents.
2. Development of a 3D BIM model based on the designs.
3. Up-to-date modeling and regular constructability analyses in order to detect & resolve conflicts among architectural and MEP elements.
4. Quantity Takeoffs - architectural, sctructural works and MEP disciplines.
5. Procurement planning, subcontractor coordination, resource balancing.
6. Collecting and analyzing construction progress data - gathering, validating and auditing construction progress information with database archiving.
7. Change management coordination.
8. Planned vs. Actual analysis, risk analysis and recommendations.
9. Financial analysis and reports - income/expenditures, cash flows and executive reporting.