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Hypercube / office building
The Hypercube is the very first building on the Skolkovo innovation center. It is the architecture of a new generation, a building that exists not only in the dimension of space, but also in the dimension of time and communication. The Hypercube’s construction is based on the “4E” principals: Energy efficiency, Environmental friendliness, Ergonomics and cost Effectiveness. The building has one underground level and seven aboveground levels. The gross floor area of the building is 6,630 square meters.

It uses geothermal and solar energy, waste water is being re-used for irrigation after purification. All utilities are integrated in unique building management system, which allows low-energy consumption and operating costs.

BEXEL's Activities

Bexel provided full package of project management services, coordination between Investor, “Skolkovo Foundation” and general contractor, “PSP-Farman”.

Bexel took place in all project stages using our softver. We developed a full 6D model of building, which contains 3D parameters together with construction time and cost data and operation and asset management data.

BEXEL was engaged to:

1. Analyze and manage all design documents.
2. Develop a full 3D BIM model based on architectural, structural and MEP designs.
3. Keep the model up-to-date and run regular constructability analyses in order to detect & resolve conflicts among architectural and MEP elements.
4. Create accurate quantity takeoffs of all design disciplines.
5. Collect, analyze and process all construction progress data - while generating day by day progress audits, executive reports and predictions.
6. Generate construction reports using Building Explorer software platform - harnessing construction progress information and developing actual construction schedule, running virtual construction simulations and compare various construction scenarios.
7. Provide Investor with planned vs. actual analysis, risk analysis and recommendations.
8. Perform financial analytics and reports.
9. Develop a full, “as-built” 6D model with data needed for operating and facility maintanace of building.
10. Give feedback and perform final analyses.