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Centre for Promotion of Science
This project is funded by the Serbian Ministry of science and technological advancement. It is located in Block 39 area, New Belgrade, Serbia. The project at hand is the winning design of an international competition, organized by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The author of the project is an Austrian architect, Wolfgang Tschapeller.

BEXEL's Activities

This science centre is an institution of extreme national importance. It is due for completion in year 2013. It is multifunctional in nature and of flexible spatial utilization. Some of the basic contents of this centre include an interactive exhibition area, "science club" with laboratories and study rooms, multi-purpose conference hall and a planetarium.
BEXEL provided the following services on this project:

- Constructability analysis

- QTOs / Cost / Establish justification of applied architectural and structural solutions

- Comparative analysis - structural works, fitout, facade

- Seismics / Structural Analysis

- Functional Analysis

- Construction Scheduling