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Abu Dhabi Airport / Airport Terminal
Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Terminal is designed to be the largest, virtually pleasing and architecturally magnificent structure in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. An X-shaped terminal architectural plan was devised after a broad analysis of all the needs of the new airport. The design has 39 gates with a capability to expand up to 49.

The mid terminal complex will have an area of 630,000 m². It will include approximately 18,000 m² of dedicated space for passenger facilities and duty-free retail stores. International restaurants and cafes will be located in approximately 10,000 m². Also, an area of 27,500 m² will be dedicated for an airline hospitality lounge, a museum exhibiting heritage and culture and a transit hotel.

BEXEL's Activities

BEXEL in cooperation with UPG worked for the main contractor CCC on the design process and following services were provided on the project:

1. Develop a full 3D BIM model of steel frames of the Roof Tower cranes with 1 mm modeling tolerances.

2. Keep the model up-to-date and run regular constructibility analyses in order to detect and resolve conflicts among newly constructed steel frames and the existing concrete structure.

3. Structural design of the steel frame in accordance with British and AISC AID Standards.

4. Analysis of the existing and newly applied loads from the Roof Tower cranes and the steel frames.

5. Design verification through appropriate calculations of the concrete structure’s ability to receive crane and frame loads, in accordance with British Standards and addition of relevant Eurocodes. Checks included in situ/precast/pre-stressed concrete elements.

6. Back-propping assessment of internal long span structure. Detailed analysis of stress/dilatation state for affected elements. Recommendations on temporary support locations as well as modification to existing loads in order to minimize back-propping requirements.